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ENGR Atang David Haruna was born in Jos the Plateau State capital Nigeria, to the family of Chief Haruna Atang (JP).

His passion for board games, puzzle and mathematics started during his secondary education, and fueled his passion towards sciences and engineering.

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Board Games and puzzles are recreational activities people indulge in for several different reasons ranging from its entertaining nature, recreation, relaxation, and even for cognitive testing and mental development.

While board games dates its origin back to 3500 BC’s ago, puzzle dates its to over 5000 years ago. Although it is no puzzle to understand that no man alive can particularly point out the date, time and place of it’s actual origination, it is a skill generally appreciated by people of various works of life.

It is believed that medieval kings and modern day politicians use the chess game to device strategies towards handling crises Economically, Militarily and otherwise. Also that little children good in handling puzzles would make geniuses.

There are processes involved rising from being a total armature to fully mastering board games and puzzle, all depending on their nature, complexities and the person learning.

our blog is concerned with guiding you towards achieving mastery in your quest towards becoming a better player. our YouTube channels will constantly be loaded with videos to help your learning, plus you can contact us for private lessons and also with more ideas on how to improve our services to aid us serve you better.

Article by Shak.

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